Pontiac Catalina Convertible "Pink Lady" by Harly Earl '1959
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September 30, 2010
 'Wild Cat'
Красивый какой! (какая сука оценку занизила ?!!!)
September 30, 2010
от стандартной модели "Каталина-конвертибл" отличалась жёпой от модели Bonneville - светоблоками особенно

The "Pink Lady" is a one-off car special ordered by famed "daVinci of Detroit" designer Harley Earl, for his wife. Features a Pontiac Catalina chassis with Bonneville trim, 389cid Tri-Power with 348hp and every accessory. Restored and AACA Grand National champion twice. In 1959, at the height of his career, the world's greatest artist/engineer impresario, Harley Earl, ran General Motor's famed Styling Division. Earl often created special order cars for celebrities, GM executives, their wives, politicians and others. Except for Harley Earl, no one else inside any other division of General Motors had the clout to spend large amounts of corporate money building expensive one-of-a-kind custom cars for important dignitaries. The "Pink Lady" is a one-off, special ordered (#90642) Pontiac Catalina chassis with Bonneville trim, 389cid Tri-Power producing 348hp and every accessory available in 1959. Accessories include automatic transmission, full factory air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power windows, air suspension (pump and lines only as this system didn't work in 1959 and was recalled by Pontiac. The bellows were replaced by stock springs when restored, the rare pump remains), power retractable convertible top, front bucket seats, sportable AM radio that includes small removable battery powered radio, power antenna and removable trunk light. This motoramic masterpiece [b]had special touches including the shortened Catalina chassis with Bonneville rear trim, Bonneville dashboard, custom interior and exterior chrome trim and custom pink finish with maroon carpeting[/b]. Its meticulous body-off restoration has twice garnered an AACA Grand National champion and a Pontiac Owner's Club Senior Award. Driven under 100 miles since restoration. This is a chance to own a car with a direct link to the automotive genius, Harley Earl. This is the first time it has been for sale. Full documentation including written recollections from Semon "Bunkie" Knudsen, Former head of Pontiac, E. A. Bachle of GM Design and John M. Sawruk, P.E., the Official Pontiac Historian, that attest to its authenticity.
September 29, 2010

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