Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG (R231) '2012–15 Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (R231) '2012–15
2012–2015 2012–2015
steering wheel location at left
doors counts 2
number of places
total 2
location at front, longitudinally
supply system injector
cylinders/valves V12
volume 5,980 cc
power 630 hp
in the range from 4,800 rpm
in the range to 5,400 rpm
torque 1,000 Nm
in the range from 2,300 rpm
in the range to 4,300 rpm
compression ratio 9
fuel AI-98
turbo ×2
drive unit rear-wheel drive
dynamic properties
max speed 250 km/h
acceleration to 100 km/h 4 s
speed limiter да
other specs
fuel consumption
Unknown method
mixed 11.6 l/100km
brake system
ABS да
emissions 270 CO2 g/km

Contributors:  Aleksey

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