Honda Accord Sedan (CB) '1991–93

Honda Accord 2.0Si JP-spec (CB3/4) '1991–93
1993 Honda Accord SE Sedan North America (CB) '1992–93
Honda Accord 2.0 EXL-i Super Stage JP-spec (CB3/4) '1992–93
Front panel Honda Accord 2.0Si-T JP-spec (CB3) '1991–93

Honda Ascot (CB) '07.1991–09.1993

Honda Ascot 2.0 Si (CB) '1991–93
Honda Ascot 2.0 FBT-i (CB) '1991–93
Honda Ascot 2.0 Si (CB) '1991–93
Front panel Honda Ascot 2.0 Si (CB) '1991–93

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