Dodge Neon MX-spec '2016–pr. Fiat Egea Turkey (356) '2015–pr. Fiat Tipo 4-door (356) '2015–pr.
2016– 2015– 2015–
steering wheel location at left
doors counts 4
number of places
total 5
are defective 0
design bearing body
length 4,532 mm
width 1,792 mm
width, including mirrors 2,002 mm
height 1,497 mm
wheel base 2,637 mm 2,636 mm
front 1,542 mm
rear 1,543 mm
location at front, transversely
supply system injector
drive unit front-wheel drive
suspension and steering
steering type Шестерня-рейка, с электроусилителем
front suspension type (deprecated) Независимая, пружинная, McPherson Независимая, пружинная, McPherson, со стабилизатором поперечной устойчивости
rear suspension type (deprecated) Полузависимая, пружинная, торсионная балка
onboard voltage 12 V
dynamic properties
speed limiter нет
other specs
fuel tank capacity 45 l
boot volume 520 l
curb-to-curb 10.9 m
brake system
ABS да
front brakes
type disc
diameter 284 mm
thickness 22 mm
material metal
ventilated да
perforated нет
rear brakes
material metal
ventilated нет
perforated нет
production place Tofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş, Bursa, Turkey '2005–pr.