(Pfanzelt Maschinenbau GmbH)

The company Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was founded in 1991 by the proprietor Paul Pfanzelt and initially focused on the production and assembly of geared cable winches for 3-point, quick-fit and fixed attachment to tractors as well as of chain winches. Right from its foundation, the company has stood for innovation, cost efficiency and safety in the forestry industry.

With continuously growing production volumes for winches, the product range of Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was expanded to include a second category in 1996 – the professional forwarding trailers. After numerous extensions to the production and administrative buildings, production of the Felix forwarder in 2001. In 2002, this was followed by start of production of the Pm loading crane and then in 2005 the launch of the Pm Trac multipurpose tractor.


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