Lada Vesta Sport '2018–pr.
steering wheel location at left
doors counts 4
design bearing body
length 4,420 mm
width 1,774 mm
height 1,478 mm
front 1,545 mm
rear 1,525 mm
ground clearance
standard 162 mm
curb 1,211 kg
name ВАЗ
type Piston
location at front, transversely
supply system injector
cylinders/valves l4/4
volume 1,800 cc
power 145 hp
in the range from 6,200 rpm
max power (DIN) 147 PS
max power (GOST) 145 hp
torque 187 Nm
in the range from 3,600 rpm
fuel AI-92, AI-93, AI-95, AI-98
turbo none
cooling liquid
Gas distribution mechanism DOHC
drive unit front-wheel drive
gearbox Manual 5
suspension and steering
front suspension
elastic element type coil spring
type guide vanes independent candle sweep (McPherson)
shock absorbers
availability да
rear suspension
elastic element type coil spring
shock absorbers
availability да
onboard voltage 12 V
dynamic properties
max speed 198 km/h
acceleration to 100 km/h 9.6 s
other specs
fuel tank capacity
"start-stop" system нет
brake system
ABS да
front brakes
type disc
material metal
rear brakes
type disc
material metal
emission standard Euro 4
wheels and tyres
rims material aluminium alloy (molding)
front ?J × 17
???/?? R17
rear ?J × 17
???/?? R17
Auto pumping tires нет

Contributors:  Cars of the USA

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