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  • Resolution: 2053×2052 @ 300×300 DPI 17×17cm
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  • Added by:  Roman.UA, April 16, 2018
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April 16, 2018
November 20, 2018
El motivo de mi mensaje es para solicitarle me ayude con el Logotipo de Hanteng original en alta resolución en formato Ai, JPG, es para trabajar una folleteria de los autos y un letrero corpóreo.

Esperando una respuesta favorable, me despido de usted.

The reason for my message is to ask you to help me with the original Hanteng logo in high resolution in Ai, JPG format, it is to work a car brochures and a corporeal sign.

Waiting for a favorable response, I say goodbye to you.
It requires attention of moderators

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