Sbarro P4 (#28563) '1986
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May 29, 2017
Any tiffosi dream to have in his garage a Ferrari 250 GTO and Ferrari 330 P4. Both are unfortunately rare. The GTO was produced only forty copies (in violation of regulations at the time that required 100). And the P4 has been made in only 3 copies in 1967 (4th was built later, but many see it as not a "real" P4). So, to satisfy our desire, we must first find an owner and convince him to sell his car and then meet a sum of approximately $ 10.5 million (the price of a transaction in 1989 for P4 No. 0856). I think that, like me, you can not meet these two conditions, then you're ready to go in search of a replica! There are some replicas of Ferrari P4. Noble Motorsport has presented one in 1988. The copy was good, but according to some purists, the engines lacked nobility (PRV V6 or V8 Rover). A replica powered by Ferrari V12 engine was produced by Norwood in the United States. But they were not approved in Europe. At this stage, there is only one person who can help you: Franco Sbarro. Sbarro knows perfectly the Ferrari P4. He spent many years as chief engineer in the famous Scuderia Filipinetti with Ford GT40, Lola T70 and ... Ferrari P4. That is why a rich enthusiast, who had already ordered a Ford GT40 at Sbarro, asked him to consider the case of a replica of P4. The solution was to repackage a Ferrari 308 GTS. The choice of the 308 allowed to remain faithful to the Ferrari brand and keep a certain legitimacy. On the other hand, the 308 car was a relatively common, which facilitated the maintenance of the replica. And above all, the Sbarro Tipo P4 is perfectly consistent with the legislation, since the structure of the original 308 remained. The donor car was completely stripped then bodied with a polyester shell with the general forms of the P4. This is not an exact copy, the dimensions of the original did not correspond to those of 308. That is the price to pay when you do not want to tamper with the architecture of the car donor. The line was therefore of the P4, so as to maintain the philosophy. The P4 Sbarro Tipo inherits from this subtle harmony of sweetness and aggressiveness of the true P4. The objective is achieved. The interior has been treated in the same spirit, Sbarro seeking to replicate the atmosphere of prototypes of the sixties from the interior more modern and civilized of 308. The mechanical is stock: it is the same engine block Ferrari 308 (version Weber carburetors double body) developing 255 horsepower. Suspension components are also original. A version powered by the flat 12-cylinder Testarossa, it seems, was produced, to be closer to the original car. Again, Sbarro has signed a true masterpiece with the Tipo P4, to recall the feeling of legendary sports cars of the sixties, without fear of breaking a $10 million real Ferrari P4.

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