Landini PowerMondial 120 Classic [DE-spec] '04.2011
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Модель выпущена в честь 1954 Landini L55.

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October 31, 2016
Press Release
April 2011
The response to a modern Landini tractor shown in an historic colour scheme
at an exhibition in Italy last autumn has inspired the manufacturer to produce
a limited production run of the model.
Instead of today’s familiar Landini blue, the Powermondial 120 Classic will be
turned out in historic Landini colours of metallic grey with yellow wheels and
graphics. It will also sport additional equipment, including leather-look driver
and passenger seats.
Beneath the revived colour scheme is a thoroughly modern tractor featuring a
transmission with three-speed powershift and power shuttle, powerful threepoint
linkage and a Perkins ‘electronic’ engine with up to 121hp output.
Just 54 examples of this special edition will be available worldwide – the
quantity chosen reflects the 1954 launch of the Landini L55, one of the most
powerful ‘hot bulb’ engine tractors of its time. And only six of these tractors is
currently destined for the Britain – making it a very exclusive machine indeed.

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